Book of Beautiful Business

The Book of Beautiful Business


Business is about so much more than metrics.

We have reduced business to the logic of efficiency and profit, and neglected its importance as a producer of meaning, identity, and belonging. We have deprived it of transcendence and forgot to appreciate it as the most effective system for organizing our life’s work. As we face the rise of AI and automation and massive changes to our labor markets, we need a much deeper understanding of what it means to humanize business.

This is why we created the Book of Beautiful Business.

The Book of Beautiful Business presents a vision and curriculum, manifesto and a manifestation, tools and rituals, for beautiful business in the age of machines. It will help you not only recognize the beauty of your work and in your organization, but unlock it.


Who’s putting this together?


The Book of Beautiful Business is a collaborative project inspired and sustained by the House of Beautiful Business community.

For more information, to get involved, or suggest a contribution to a future Book of Beautiful Business, please visit our Contact page and drop us a line.

You can also find us online at the Journal of Beautiful Business.