Book of Beautiful Business



Rewriting the Rules of Commerce:

40 voices

dozens of disciplines

one great read

immeasurable impact

(we hope)



Ethan Imboden on startup humanity - Twain Liu on AI - Cherae Robinson on leveling up - Susan Cain on overcoming fear - Tom Peters on the little things - Jerry Colonna on fierce questions - Dorothy L. Sayers on inputs - Maria Angerer on stakeholders - Esther Blázquez Blanco on real feedback - Tim Leberecht on beauty - Gianfranco Chicco on serendipity - Martin A. Ciesielski on nothing - Marizanne Knoesen on humane recruitment - Christine Locher on values - Jonathan Cook on Emotion AI - Peter Senge on learning - Greg Sherwin on efficiency - Beowulf Sheehan on love - Christoph Quarch on getting philosophical - Ghislaine Boddington on anti-stardom - James O’Toole on enlightened business - Njeri Mwagiru on African futures - David Olsson on the climate crisis - Adah Parris on cyborg shamanism - Sarah Souli on superpowers - Ralph Talmont on necessary dissidents - and many more…


Coming November 2019


We invited contributors from around the world to share their theories, best practices, opinions, rants, essays, short stories, or anything else on their mind. Some were inspired by the annual gathering of the House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon, and others jumped in via the seventeen Chambers of Beautiful Business that took place worldwide in 2019.


Amsterdam, Athens. Belgrade. Berlin. Cape Town. Cincinnati. Detroit. Hong Kong. Istanbul. Melbourne. Lisbon. London. Madrid. Marrakesh. Milan. New York. Stockholm. Warsaw. Vancouver


The result? The first Book of Beautiful Business, an anthology that reimagines what anthologies might be. Not a dutiful collection of polite but tepid articles, but a bristling, fully alive collection of diverse voices, weighing in, putting their thumb on the scale, calling us all to do more, or do less (in some cases), with greater intensity, heightened awareness, and a sense of purpose both ethical and fancifully visionary—all from people who know what they’re talking about it because they do it everyday.



We can’t solve a situation with the same mindset that got us into it.
— Christine Locher, #bookofbeautifulbusiness