We are poised to rewrite the rules of business. And we’re not alone.

Under a Creative Commons license, the Book invites contributors from all over the world to share their theories and concepts, best practices, case studies, opinions, essays, short stories, or poems exploring how we can humanize a business world dominated by conventional notions of success, fueled by greed and fear, and the regime of efficiency. In addition, we will incorporate content from the annual gathering of the House of Beautiful Business in Lisbon as well as the Chambers of the Beautiful Business that are taking place worldwide.

The Book of Beautiful Business is a non-profit initiative of the House of Beautiful Business, and meant to grow the desire and capacity to link business and technology with the humanities and the arts. A first edition of the Book (Volume One) will be presented at the annual gathering of the House of Beautiful Business 2019 in Lisbon and be available for purchase publicly afterwards (proceeds will be re-invested in the initiative).

Till Grusche & Tim Leberecht – Publishers

Nina Kruschwitz – Editor-in-Chief

Monika Jiang – Writer and Community Manager

Sarah Souli – Writer

Florian Langenscheidt - Patron